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Social media is a living entity that needs to be fed consistently with quality posts that will engage and grow your audience. But who has all that time to create, curate, post, schedule, monitor, handle, respond…. JJ’s Press does! We take the stress out of managing, handling and monitoring your accounts so you can concentrate on being creative, productive and awesome.

We increase online visibility and awareness using platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, Linkedin and more. We don’t just share content, we create and curate it order to fuel these channels with the right content catered to your audience and their engagement.

We use the newest and most up to date social media management tools and platforms. We like to stay ahead of the game and we share all our secrets with our clients to give them the best results. Our packages start at $500 a month and are configured to each individual client. Not everyone needs the same things at the same ace on social media. We pride ourselves on selling only what is absolutely necessary for your next steps success.

If you have a new app or tool you’d like us to try, please, let us know!

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