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How many times have you had an event and had nothing worth sharing afterwards? JJ’s Press has the answer for you. The Mob’s Press is here to take care of all the stress of gathering, curating, sharing and promoting you and your event provide you, our client, with the highest quality of content to share on your networks and boost your event before, during and after the fact. The Mob’s Press is our network of blogs that cover, support and promote artists all over North America.

How We Do It

Using interactive coverage methods, we are able to create buzz on your social media channels as well as drive traffic to your event, online and/or in person.  We are fully bilingual and able to provide coverage in Toronto and Montreal.

We cover events, festivals and shows through blogging, live tweeting and reviewing them on our social media channels. With our blog team, we can create a buzz on the ground giving you great content and driving lots of social media traffic to your channels and audience.

With our extended service the Mob’s Press, we have all your online promotional needs covered.

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