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The Internet, print, television, radio… So many ways to get the news. But how do you as a business owner get your message heard by the right people? How do you get them to follow, engage and stick around? How do you increase your sales?

Media distribution has migrated from print to digital. The news is no longer just read. It is shared, liked, commented on and reachable as soon as it is published online. With this combination of social media and the power of engagement, the press has become more accessible and social than ever before. This social press has taken over the web making it a necessity for entrepreneurs looking to launch and expand their businesses to have an online presence.

Social media is the best place to start marketing your business. It affects all aspects of a company’s professional web communication, advertising and marketing needs. JJ’s Press is a social media and content management company tailored to suit the needs of cultural producers, entrepreneurs and small business owners. Our customers recognize the need for professional representation and are ready to take the next step in creating more success. By combining campaigns, distribution and social media, we take “dead clicks” and turn them into engagements, followers, leads and sales.

Our mission is to grow with our clients success.

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Social Media

Social Media

We create, update and maintain your social media accounts on diverse platforms, keeping track of every handle.



We create original posts and curate the trendiest articles from feeds that target and are consistent with your brand and goals.



We create strategic marketing campaigns that help promote your product, event or brand generating leads that will convert to sales.

More to offer

We use Facebook, Google, Twitter and Bing to advertise campaigns, promotions and maximize the number of conversions to reach our clients goals. With a targeted audience, strategic funnels and engaged monitoring, PPC Advertising will optimize your campaign.

We also create fully responsive websites, e-commerce sites, landing pages and one-page portfolio sites to give your business and your brand the look and feel of a professional company.

Paid Ad Placement

We use Facebook, Google, Twitter and Bing to advertise campaigns, promotions and maximize the number of conversions to reach our clients goals.

Web Build

We design responsive, multi creative, parralax websites designed to capture information, sell products and give our clients a professional look.

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